Organise an event in aid of ELF

Fundraising should be fun, exciting and enjoyable. Your event can be held at  your house, local school, community hall or at work and can be anything from a cinema night, garden party, raffle, quiz or sponsored head shave! It is up to you and it doesn’t need to be difficult. We have put together some key bits of information below to help support you.

Fundraising Pack
Remember when you are deciding on an event, make sure you plan something you will enjoy. Once you have decided, let us know by emailing We will then provide you with a Fundraising Pack to help you with your fundraising.

1. Pick an idea

Whether you’d like to do something social, sporty, quirky or adventurous pick an event which you will enjoy. This will mean you will have fun while raising funds for ELF.

2. Plan your event

The better prepared you are the more smoothly your activitie will run, helping you raise even more for ELF. Think about what you want to do and the costs, who will be involved, when and where will it be held and whay are you doing it.

3. Safety and legal tips

Please remember you are responsible for the activity and ELF cannot accept liability for any fundraising activity or event you undertake. Please consider things such as insurance, First aid, Licenses and food hygiene.

4. Promote your fundraiser

Once details are decided, it’s time to drum up lots of interest from everyone you know. Use posters, social media and local newspapers to promote.

5. Pay in your money

You can sends funds to us or raise through Justgiving.
Gift Aid could increase your event total by 25p for every pound you raise following the correct process .Please make sure you get the information off those donating and ask them to tick the box. To find out about how gift aid works, please download our Gift Aid form.

5. Thank you from ELF

Your support will help ELF’s vision that every family affected by blood cancers and blood disorders across the South West receives compassionate, tailored support.
ELF lightens the load, supporting families from diagnosis and through treatment. Thank you for helping us to make a real difference.

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