Patient support

ELF funded patient support

To enable our patients to receive the highest level of service and treatment, ELF funds a generic therapist within the multi-disciplinary team on the Haematology Ward, who enables patients to become mobile and active whilst on the ward.

ELF own counselling service

ELF offers a confidential counselling service at the Haematology Centre. This can be invaluable support to help deal with life changing emotional needs that you and your family may be going through. A trained therapist will listen to you using face-to-face talk therapy and together you will find a way to deal with emotional issues and implement practical solutions. You will be encouraged to talk about your concerns, feelings and emotions in a safe, confidential session with the therapist, who will listen without judging or criticising. It may not feel like it, but it's normal to go through many emotions during your journey and ELF will help you every step of the way. You can make your confidential appointment through the ELF office, through a member of the NHS Ward Staff or to the service directly:

Karen Hathaway

Snr Haematology Support Specialist
T: 01392 402 879
M: 07523 474 484
Mon, Tues & Wed

Debs Feld

Haematology Support Specialist
T: 01392 402 879
M: 07523 044 691
Thurs & Fri

Elf also funds an aromatherapist for ward patients ask a member of the NHS ward staff for details