Patient support

Elf-funded patient support

As part of our aim to ensure patients receive the best care, Elf funds a generic therapist at the hospital who will help patients remain mobile while on the Haematology ward.

The Elf counselling service

We also offer a confidential counselling service at the Haematology Centre. This can be invaluable, helping people with blood cancer and their families deal both emotionally and practically with their changing circumstances. Therapy involves face-to-face sessions, where you will be encouraged to talk about your concerns and feelings in a safe, confidential space with someone who will listen without judging or criticising. 

You can make your confidential appointment through the Elf Office on 01392 493 344 or through a member of the NHS ward staff.

Elf also funds an aromatherapist for ward patients. Ask a member of the NHS ward staff for details.