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How can your business support ELF?

There are so many ways that your business and your staff can help us raise awareness and funds to support patients’ journeys through their illness. All these will engage with stakeholders and fulfil your corporate social responsibility goals

We would love to partner with your organisation on a long-term or fixed-term basis. Here at ELF, we work with our corporate partners to ensure partnership works both ways. We can help you achieve your company’s objectives – be it increased publicity, driving sales or staff engagement – while raising funds and awareness for a great cause. We will be in contact throughout the arrangement, tailoring our partnership to suit your needs.

Hosting your own fundraiser can be a great way to engage with stakeholders and build community relationships. Events also offer a great platform to involve staff members in team-building exercises and increase morale. Think about hosting an event to suit your business activity. Some popular choices include:

  • cake sales
  • fancy dress /Christmas jumper days
  • quizzes
  • staff parties
  • games nights
  • summer parties or balls
  • networking events
  • sporting events
  • raffles, auctions and sweepstakes 
  • charity car washes.

All events in aid of ELF will be supported fully by our team. We can help with ideas, collection boxes, balloons, bunting, T-shirts and support along the way to help your event succeed.

Encouraging staff members to take on their own challenges can make them feel valued and part of your charitable activities. Whether their activity takes place during work time or in their own time, it is a great way to give employees the opportunity to be part of something good. Ideas include:

  • running, cycling, swimming, walking or rowing
  • head shave
  • sponsored silence
  • quit a habit 
  • making teas/coffees for colleagues for a week.

We will fully support your staff’s fundraising journeys with help in finding a challenge, providing fundraising materials and ongoing advice, including support with online fundraising pages. Staff fundraising opens up a whole new network for you, engaging your employees’ personal friends and family, while helping raise your business’s profile. We will soft credit all of your staff teams individual fundraising to your total to help achieve you corporate social responsibility goals.

MAKE A DONATIONPrimark - Exeter
There are various ways that your business or employees can make a one-off or regular donation to ELF. This will raise your profile in the community and show your staff what their hard work can help you achieve. Donating may also make you liable for a reduced rate of Corporation Tax at the end of the financial year.

Another way to donate is through the sale of a specific product or service. Linking a charity to a sales campaign can add significant value, reaching a wider audience and driving sales. You can either donate a percentage or fixed amount per sale.

Employees can contribute to ELF through payroll giving, donating in lieu of birthdays and weddings, or through Christmas cards, Secret Santa etc. Your organisation can also motivate staff by donating to ELF as a reward in lieu of good performance and hitting targets.

We can offer advertising alongside high-profile ELF fundraising events, campaigns or services. Think about factoring Elf in to your future marketing budget and contact us for information how we can help you raise brand awareness alongside supporting a great cause. 


A variety of handheld collection boxes, buckets and coin spinners are available free from ELF. These have a great visual impact, showing stakeholders that you are supporting a local cause. They can be used in many ways, including for customer donations at till points, as fine boxes for staff (punctuality, swearing, etc), for refreshments (hot drinks, snacks, etc) or for donations in lieu of free services offered by your business.

Volunteering is great for team building, enabling colleagues to work closely together outside the office environment. Examples include bucket collections, promotional/awareness stands, fundraising events, marketing, administration, befriending services (long-term), charity shop work and occasional manual community projects.

There are various ways you can donate in kind to support one of our charity shops, fundraising events or day-to-day activities.

Our two charity shops have a constant need for donated stock. Encourage staff members to contribute old clothes, books, bric-a-brac, household items and unwanted gifts.

We often require donations for auctions, raffles and social media competitions. Why not donate a prize or voucher to help us raise funds and awareness?

You may also be able to provide a service that could benefit our charity and save us money: for example, vehicle servicing, pat testing, marketing, administration, cleaning, design and print, and so on.

Your network is as valuable to ELF as your support through fundraising. If you run your own networking events, we would love to be invited to speak!

Each year we host a variety of themed fundraising campaigns and events, encouraging companies and individuals to raise money. We encourage you to become involved. To find out more about our current campaign schedule please go to our events page.