ELF is extremely grateful for all donations made to our charity to support patients and their families who are affected by blood cancers and blood disorders. Every penny and pound donated really does make a big difference.

To donate goods for sale in our ELF shops, please click here.


by post

To make a donation by post, please download an ELF Donation Form to complete and send with your donation.

Please address your envelope to: FREEPOST, ELF CHARITY and it will reach us!

Please download your ELF Donation forms and Gift Aid Declaration forms and give as generously as you can to enable the money we receive to go further and help more people.

gift aid

If you can make your donation as Gift Aid it will make your donation go so much further. In 2014, ELF received over £134,000 and of this generous donation, £46,390 was eligible for Gift Aid, meaning ELF could claim a further £13,000 from HMRC. Had more of these donations been marked as Gift Aid we could have claimed an additional £24,500!

Download a Gift Aid Declaration form and send it in today to make your donations go further and help more people. 

remember ELF in your will 

Including a donation to ELF in your Will gives our charity the vital income needed to fund new projects, continue our ongoing services and pay for day to day running costs.

We understand family comes first however even a small percent of your estate left to ELF will make a huge difference to our work supporting those living with long term blood disorders in Devon.

No matter how big or small a gift left to ELF in your Will does make a difference.

There are three main types of legacy gifts you could consider:

pecuniary legacy

This would be the gift of a specific sum to ELF and should be reviewed over time to check for any changes in your circumstance and/or inflation rate changes.

residuary legacy

This is the gift of the whole or part percentage of your estate, after any specific bequests, expenses and debts have been paid.

non-monetary legacy

This legacy would be the gift of an item, perhaps jewellery, stocks, shares or other valuables to ELF. Non-Monetary Legacy items are typically be sold and the money raised is then used at ELF’s discretion towards future care of Haematology patients and their families.

Please note: Legacy choices should always be discussed with your solicitor to determine the best option for you and your Will should be reviewed periodically to ensure it continues to reflect your needs and wishes.

frequently asked questions

who should write my Will?

You should use a solicitor when writing your Will. This helps to ensure your Will is legally correct and that all your wishes are followed.

how do I update my Will?

Your solicitor can add a bequest to ELF to your Will with a written instruction called a codicil.

do I have enough assets?

Every gift can help ELF support patients and their families. Even a 1% bequest can make a difference.

should I tell you?

It would be really helpful if you tell us that you have included a gift to ELF in your Will. Thank you.