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ELF launch new crazy hair challenge for Blood Cancer Awareness month

7 September 2021

September is Blood Cancer Awareness month. This year, to mark this important national campaign, we have launched a crazy hair challenge where supporters are invited to brave the shave in support of ELF!

Whether it's shaving your head, chopping off your hair, having a wax or dyeing your hair a crazy colour, all of them are striking and fun ways in which supporters can raise sponsorship and awareness for this worthy cause.

Kick-starting our campaign was Izzy Dix. She had been growing her hair for years, to the point where it reached below her knees. Izzy opted to have a sponsored hair-chop, which was held at her family's ELF Cream Tea event. Alongside raising £660 for ELF, Izzy then donated her hair to the Princess Trust, ensuring that two charities benefitted from her fantastic efforts.

Another supporter taking on the challenge is Debbie Rankin. She is opting to dye her hair a crazy colour following the blood cancer diagnosis of both her parents within the last year. Debbie writes:

"Just as Covid-19 arrived my life was turned upside down on March 11th 2020 when my lovely Dad was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. On the 21st September 2020 he lost his short-lived fight with the disease. My world fell apart. Just as I was starting to climb out of the black hole my Mum was diagnosed on March 11th 2021 with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia and given a life expectancy of 8-12 months. I don’t suppose I have to try to put into words how it’s been. My mum is now on her 5th of 6th rounds of chemotherapy and is weak but still soldiering on. 

Anyone that knows me will know that taking on this challenge is a big deal as I do love my blonde hair! For blood cancer awareness month this September, it seems more than fitting that I should celebrate my Dads life one year later by doing something that would (as usual) make him roll his eyeballs."

A huge thank you to both Izzy and Debbie for taking up our September challenge.