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NHS RD&E Hospital Heroes Virtually Climb Everest for ELF

1 March 2021

This week, the hard-working NHS Haematology, Oncology, Radiotherapy and Cancer Services departments at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital are undertaking a virtual 'Climbing Everest' Challenge to raise money for both ELF and FORCE Cancer Charity.

The classic Everest trek from Lukla (the starting point) to Base Camp and back is 130km (65km each way). The aim of the challenge is for each of the four teams to collectively walk this distance as many times as possible between 1st and 7th March, recording their steps via the Strava app. The team that completes the most trips and covers the greatest distance will be victorious!

The four teams are going head-to-head for the pride of their departments; however, they share one fundraising page and all money raised will be split equally between ELF and FORCE. This is in recognition of the help and support both charities provide to these departments and the many patients and families that visit the RD&E Hospital.


Please join us in wishing the Haematology, Oncology, Radiotherapy & Cancer Services departments much luck with their challenge, especially our own wonderful Yarty ward! If you follow ELF on social media, you can keep updated with their progress through our Facebook Event page 'RD&E Cancer Teams Climb Everest'.